Privacy and personal information understand the importance of privacy for visitors and users. This privacy policy explains how gathers, uses, secures and share personal information gathered through the website.

1. What kind of information is gathered and for what purposes only gathers information that you give directly, like email address and name if you use a contact form. This information will only be used to answer your request and will not be shared with others.

If you don’t give any information on the site don’t know who you are; where you’re from; what ip address you’re using or any type of personal information. The only data that’s gathered are aggregated information about number of visitors, total page views etc.

Information about page views is gathered with Plausible Analytics:

Even though the purpose of Plausible Analytics is to track the usage of a website, this can still be done without collecting any personal data or personally identifiable information (PII), without using cookies and while respecting the privacy of your website visitors.By using Plausible Analytics, all the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously. Cookies are not set and no personal data is collected. All data is in aggregate only. The website owner gets some actionable data to help them learn and improve, while the visitor keeps having a nice and enjoyable experience.

2. Cookies

No cookies are used on

3. Information sharing

No information (like email addresses or names) will ever be shared with or sold to third party.