Disc golf is all about making the right choices. Either if you are looking for a way to navigate your disc through a wooded course, or if you are a manufacturer trying to shape the future of disc golf equipment. It is about finding your line. And committing to it.

When we were given the opportunity to design our first line of disc golf bags, there were a whole lot of difficult choices to be made – but for us, one choice clearly stood out as the easier one. That was to put the environment first.

That is why our range of bags from Alfa 1.0 to Alfa 4.0 is made with recycled materials, and why you – when you pick up your bag will get a unique tag showing that your bag is certified by the Global Recycled Standards.

Since you may now wonder what material our eco-friendly bag line is made of and what the Global Recycled Standards really are, let us take you through it!

Our bags are made of RPET-material, because we want to do our part to take care of our precious planet. To help you understand why we make it this way, we will as simply as we possibly can, explain it all to you!

What is RPET?

RPET is recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (also known as PET). PET is one of the most used plastics throughout the entire world and is used in everything from clothes to food packaging and plastic bottles. When you see that a product you’re purchasing is made of RPET, it merely means that it comes from a recycled source, and that it has most likely been used as food packaging or a plastic bottle before!

What is PET?

PET comes from crude oil. Extracting crude oil from the ground can be very damaging for the environment. After the crude oil is extracted from the ground, the process thereafter includes a mixture of crude oil, an alcohol called ethylene glycol and mixing it with terephthalic acid to produce PET. When this process is completed, we have a long-chain polymer we call PET.

Theres a lot of great things worth mentioning about PET as well. It is a thermoplastic, which means it can be easily shaped when its heated, but when it cools down it will retain its strength for a very long time, added to the fact that its very light-weighted as well. That may be the very reason that the plastic bottles and other food packaging is made this way.

PET in numbers

The plastic bottle industry uses 30% of all PET created.

Just 16% of PET created is recycled throughout the entire world.

40% of bottles and other trash made of PET is sent to landfill.

It takes a plastic bottle 400-700 years to break down into the soil.

The RPET transition

To make RPET, we must take PET-plastic that has already been created, usually plastic bottles, and make tiny flakes out of them. When the flakes are chopped and melted, it can be used to make anything from a new plastic bottle to a t-shirt, or even a disc golf backpack!

Not only do we use 50% less energy by recycling it than making more PET, but we can also make sure the bottles we use don’t end up in landfill and that we can obtain less crude oil.

Global Recycled Standards

“The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product. The standard applies to the full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles. social requirements, chemical content and labeling.

With GRS certification, you can communicate your commitment to truth in materials and support for a circular economy that reduces waste by using it to make new products.” (Source:

Alfa Discs – a desire to stay environment friendly

All of us at Alfa Discs are grateful for the planet we live on. We love the earth and the amazing nature that comes with it. The happiness we get from being out in the nature is immense and something we don’t ever take for granted. We know that we alone can’t change the world, but we can do our part to make quality bags out of recycled material – to lead the way for a world-change while at the same time we can empower your game!

Disc golf is all about making the right choices – both for players and manufacturers. We want to take the lead in shaping the future of disc golf equipment and take care of the environment – we can now do both at once.

Disc golf is about finding your line. And committing to it. We found ours, we committed – and we want to extend an invitation to you, to do the same.


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